Designed and developed by Jason Clement. This is a website about a non-existent department
of redundancy. This is not a real department of anything. Please don't take anything here seriously.

About The Redundancy Department of Redundancy

Here at The RDR, we believe and accept that redundant redundancy is essentially paramount to life, liberty, existence, and freedom.

We abide by and adhere to the following five tenets:

  1. Redundancy is everything.
  2. Redundancy is everything.
  3. Redundancy is everything.
  4. Redundancy is everything.
  5. Redundancy is everything.

We believe this is what makes us distinctly unique.

Office Hours

We are open according to the following schedule:


It's never not time for redundancy!

Our Logos

Sometimes we use this logo:

RDR Logo 1

Other times we use this logo:

RDR Logo 2